Power Searching with Google

There are several things that can help the average Google user better their searching abilities.  Some simple tricks to get better search results would be to use “-“, “~”, Ctrl+F, “filetype:”, searching for images by color, and using quotes.  Using “-” helps filter search results.  It subtracts the search results that are on the right side of “-“.  An example would be searching for salsa but you do not want to look for salsa music, the user would search “salsa -music” to get the results for everything but salsa music.  If a user wants to search for synonyms to certain words they can use “~”.  Using Ctrl+F allows the user to search for a specific word in a document.  This can be very useful to people that are looking for key words in a document that is several pages long.  Searching for a specific filetype can be difficult if the searcher does not know how to find it quickly.  If the searcher enters “filetype:” into the search along with which type they are looking for, it makes searching for that specific file a lot easier.  If a searcher is looking for a specific photo, they can narrow it down by the color they are looking for.  If a searcher is looking for a red panda they can search for pandas and add the red color filter to help narrow the search.  Searchers might use quotation marks to help find what they are looking for if it is a direct quote.  This narrows down a search to resources that contain the exact words in that specific order.

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Evaluate a Website

The Arkansas State Crime Lab is a site that I look at quite often.  I look for the different openings, I look for the descriptions of the different job positions, and I look at the internship opportunities.  The site is very basic, the colors work well together creating a pleasing visual component to the website as a whole.  There is a total of eight tabs at the top of the site that have their own subsections to different kinds of information.  The information that is on the website is very helpful for someone looking for more information on the different jobs that a crime lab can have.  The information is to the point with little to no fluff.  The behavior of the site is very simple, the tabs open to information that is labeled under those topics.  If there are hyperlinks, they work properly, and there are different ways to get in contact with them.  I like how they use colors that work well together and that the site is very simplistic.  I think that the more simple the site, the easier it is for others to navigate to the information that they are looking for.  One thing that I would change right now on the site would be adding a link to apply for the internship since that is what I am trying to do for the summer.

Arkansas State Crime Lab


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If This Then That Applets

I enjoyed looking at the different applets that this site has to offer.  The benefits for using this are endless as long as you have the proper technology to use them.  Some benefits are the different things that the applets can do like turn on the house lights if you are within a certain distance, send you a photo of the inside of your fridge when you go to the grocery store, it can also send a notification to your Fitbit if it detects lack of activity.  Some cons to this is that it may not be compatible to all devices, you have to have the proper appliances that are able to be used and connected to the applets or they will not work.

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Active Listening

Active listening is an important part of communicating with others.  Yes there are other ways to communicate with others besides this one, but active listening is probably the MOST important part of communicating.  If you are going to let someone know that you are listening to them it is better to let them know by nodding occasionally, or paraphrasing what the person has told you.  It takes a lot of hard work to sharpen the skills of active listening.  The guy in the story can show someone that if you are actually actively listening, you should be tired because it takes all of your effort to accomplish.  He spent a lot of time and energy to really listening to each persons issues and concerns, and he wanted to make sure that he was understanding what they were saying by repeating it back to them.  It is not difficult to be an active listener, however, it is difficult to be a great active listener.

To read the story about the “guy” I am referring to read this article: https://www.scribd.com/document/335659525/Active-Listening


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