About Me

My name is Nikki Stobaugh, as far as college goes, I am in my third year here at UA Little Rock.  I am majoring in Criminal Justice, and I am working on an Information Technology minor.  I live on campus in the North Hall Commons Apartments with one other person.

My home life is centered here in Little Rock, with my parents and brother but most importantly my dog Star.  Star turned 13 human years old this past September.  She is a Bichon Frise and if you can’t tell by now the most photographed person on my phone, and I do mean person.  My family and I think that we were training her, but she is the one training us.

I worked at the Pulaski County Public Defenders Office in downtown Little Rock for over a year during my sophomore year of college.  I plan on becoming an Air Marshall through the FBI or CIA’s Anti-terrorism branch.  I want to graduate college and become a police officer for at least three years to gain the necessary skills to join the FBI or CIA.